Rosie turns 3!!!

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If you've been around for any amount of time you KNOW how I feel about my Rosie.

She's my gal pal, my best friend, my child, my joy, the funnest + sassiest + most hilarious + most adorable + most amazing fur baby in the world... If I could freeze time so she can't get any older I would. (Maybe wait till after 2020 is over to do the time freezing though because yikes) But I try not to dwell on the thought of her aging and just celebrate her life each and every day. Not to be a downer but it's no secret that this year has been difficult for most people- it's certainly been an extremely hard season of life for our little family. We've experienced loss, grief, fear of the future, anxiety over the unknown, frustration and anger towards things well beyond our control, disappointment in so many areas, deep sadness and to be totally honest my mental health hit an all time low this summer. But even on the darkest days, Rosie was my little light. She is constant entertainment, constant love and the best distraction from all bad things. She provides me with so much emotional support and always keeps me laughing... for that I am so grateful.

We always like to treat her extra special around her birthday so this year we decided on a race car theme (lol more on that later) and this first set of pictures is from a little pre birthday party we had for her with my parents at their house in Alabama. My mom bought an inflatable pool for her backyard and this super cute inflatable car float!! I can imagine this is very extra for normal people but it's literally so typical for us. (Click the little arrows below on the photo galleries to see all the cuteness!)

So how did we land on the race car theme? Well Scott has been a fan of Dale Earnhardt (a Nascar driver) his whole life and since I've known him I've heard him say his favorite number is 3 because "#3 for Dale." Which led us to this very necessary birthday mashup for Ro. I'm thankful for these small moments that are just about pure joy to remind me how much we have to be happy about. (Also I LOVE a good theme!)

Another tradition we do each year is create birthday announcement cards to send to our family members and friends. Even I can admit this is *ExTrA* but it's special to me and I love hanging them in our home the same way we do with our Christmas cards. Clearly I don't let the fear of others thinking I'm nuts stop me from doing what I want.

We haven't slowed down in the picture taking department at all this year. Even while we quarantine we take pictures inside or we venture out to empty areas for a bike ride and some fresh air- camera always ready. Our photos of Rosie are the most valuable thing to me and I literally start cherishing them immediately after taking them. Here's a *few* of my favorite shots of us from this past year of her life.

Some of our Rosie highlights this year were:

-Going over-board celebrating holidays together (as usual),

-Meeting SANTA!!!! (and not a crappy pet store version but the fancy one rich kids go to),

-Visiting an indoor pet friendly Christmas light show (magical),

-Her first trip to Charleston,

-Her first stay in a Universal hotel,

-A million socially distanced trips to the beach (thank God the dog beach is always empty),


-A super fun adventure in my parents giant RV,

-Lots of family bike rides,

-Many months spent inside sleeping on the floor in the living room trying to make things more fun and basically just giving Rosie endless attention.

Lastly, we are thankful for a HEALTHY year after a terrifying emergency scare right before her birthday last year- we don't take her health for granted anymore.


P.S. No "one second a day" video to share yet (like I have the past two years) because I am working on a family version instead that I'll share the very end of the year! <3