My MASK collection!

Hi! I am alive and well or at least as well as I can be in this incredibly difficult season of life. It's been awhile since I've shared anything on here so I thought I'd do something a little different to ease back into the social media world. Still figuring out a way to start sharing about life on the regular- without compromising my mental health... stay tuned. I've missed you all a bunch.

For now this is me embracing our new normal and trying to look cute while protecting the health of myself as well as others! Below I've linked a majority of my mask collection... yes I am a crazy person and have even more styles than this but I got tired of taking pics haha sooo here ya go. Though I don't leave my house very often I still like to mix up which style mask I wear when I do venture out because sometimes joy is found in the tiniest of details. I hope YOU are also wearing a mask every time you leave your home.. but I'm sure you are because you are probably a really wonderful person who cares deeply about the world getting better...

Yay you! :) Wishing only healthy + happy days ahead for you.


Kissy Face | Mickey Mouse Face | Shiny Blue Glitter | Ghost Face from Scream |

White Acid Print | Teal Floral Embroidered | Shiny Orange Glitter | Rainbow Mickey Heads

Coral Cotton | Light Blue Cotton | Black Nudes Print | Mixed Print |

Pet Art | Mini Ghost Face from Scream | Light Pink Cotton | White Nudes Print |

Dark Orange | Burgundy Floral Embroidered | Shiny Pink Glitter | Coral Floral Embroidered

Unicorn Print from Despicable Me | Pooh Bear Face | Neon Coral | Yellow Cotton