Moody Charcuterie Board for Halloween

A special kind of magic happens when my love for charcuterie and holidays come together. The reason I love charcuterie spreads so much is because they're super easy to share if you're having people over and perfect for grazing while you're watching movies, playing games, etc. Many of us aren't really entertaining this season BUT I still like styling boards for just me and my husband to munch on. Makes movie nights more special! And this year more than ever, embracing the little joys goes a loooong way.

For this Halloween board I wanted to stick to a color palette that was moody so lots of dark tones with vibrant pops of red for a...bloody vibe I guess? (In the store I was literally comparing jams asking Scott which one looks more like blood.) Ya girl commits to a theme hard!!! And when colors blend well I think it's more aesthetically pleasing.

This content was actually a project I created for Freeform to celebrate their 31 Nights of Halloween. Because what pairs better with movies than SNACKS! I used cookie cutters (THIS PACK from Walmart is super cheap and has 100+ letters, numbers, shapes, holiday styles, etc) and sliced blocks of cheese to get the letters and little Halloween shapes.

Don't feel restricted by any food boundaries when building a grazing board. It's not just about cheeses and meats. Yes those are major staples usually but the best boards have a mix of crunchy, fresh(produce), a spread, something sweet and I always love an unexpected component like the dark chocolate I used here.

Here's what I used:

Sharp orange cheddar (for the orange pumpkin)

Sharp white cheddar (for the white ghosts & bats)

Mild white cheddar + mozzarella (for the letters)

Blueberry goat cheese

Blue cheese



Black cherries

Pomegranate seeds

Peppered Salami


Black sesame crackers

Red beet & seed crackers

Blue tortilla chips (love using an untraditional chip for new flavor profiles)


Raspberry jam

Dark chocolate

Milk chocolate covered almonds

Other ideas for this theme: Purple carrots, purple cauliflower, black grapes, dates, black olives, dried cherries or raisins, purple radishes, prosciutto,

chocolate covered pretzels, strawberries, pepperoni,

the possibilities are endless!