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November 24, 2019









Light Pink YEAH Sweater | Yellow Purse


1. 52 LISTS FOR HAPPINESS BOOK: List books are my absolute favorite! This may be my top gift recommendation because it's thoughtful, interesting but not TOO personal- which means you could gift it to someone close to you orrrrr to that person you don't know well yet. 


2. DONUT HEADBAND: Love this fun style and they're one of the lightest + most comfortable I've bought from Disney. I think a pair of "ears" is such a fun gift for someone who has a Disney trip coming up.


3. BURBERRY PERFUME: I have been wearing this for more than 10 years and I swear it's the best scent EVER. I get a new bottle every year and it's so affordable!


4. I'M OUTTA HERE PASSPORT HOLDER: Fun stocking stuffer and the inside pocket came in so handy for me on our international trips when I had lots of different plane/train tickets to keep up with.


5. YEAH SWEATER: Obviously this is on-brand for me, ha, BUT it's so cozy and comfy for anyone. Check out the link because the designer has a few different cute styles. Also great for those who like to support "small" businesses instead of the giant brands. 


6. WORD HAIR CLIPS: These are a hot trend right now and I'm loving it. They make a hairstyle more elevated and I love the touch of sparkle. 


7. CINDERELLA CARRIAGE BLUETOOTH SPEAKER: Ahhh this is such a unique gift for a Disney lover! Not only does it work well but it's really pretty and looks great displayed in my office. 


8. POLAROID CAMERA: I never get tired of using this. You can even get fun styles of film and a photo album for them to go in for a great themed gift. 


9. CHAPSTICKS: I will never ever be disappointed in a chapsticks gift because I constantly lose mine ugh! This Raw Sugar brand is amazing and the lemon smells soooo good. Target sells a ton of gift sets with their products too. 


10. ROSE GOLD BEATS HEADPHONES: I've used this pair for years and they've been a lifesaver for a 15 hour flight. This is definitely a top notch gift. 


11. VOLCANO CANDLE: Candles make great gifts for just about any gal in your life because they aren't too personal but still feel thoughtful and cozy. My ALLLLL TIME FAVORITE is the Volcano scent. I usually get them from Anthropologie but I've linked a set of 4 here for a good deal!


12. LETTER LIGHTBOX: I have this in my office and I think it's so fun to switch out quotes or sayings on it. A sweet way to gift it would be to go ahead and arrange letters that fit the persons personality on it. 


13. MOVIES PUZZLE: This was the first puzzle Scott and I have ever done together and it got us hooked. We LOVE movies and this one covers so many classics from old to recent. It's 1,000 pieces but it was really enjoyable!


14. YELLOW DANIELLE NICOLE PURSE: My favorite color is yellow and I especially love having this bag at Disney because the shade goes so well with Minnie Style. The size holds all my essentials like phone, wallet, keys, chapstick, hand sanitizer, etc. 


15. PLATTERS AND BOARDS BOOK: I look at this wayyy too much because I am obsessed with charcuterie. Not only is this a wonderful Christmas gift for anyone who loves to entertain but it's also a great hostess/ house warming gift. 




 1. VANS NO SHOW SOCKS: Super basic but great stocking stuffer idea or paired with a new pair of sneakers. 


2. BEST DOG DAD EVER MUG: Can't have too many mugs especially this time of the year! (Great paired with a fancy bag of coffee.)


3. EXTERNAL BATTERY CHARGER: A must have for days in theme parks and really great for travel too. (This one has a built in cord so you don't have to carry one separately.) Scott has used this one for a few years and I always borrow it because it's better than mine... Maybe I should get my own...


4. 1988 GLASSES: Scott loves whisky and was born in 1988 so this was perfect for him. Get a set with your guys birthday or just a significant year in their life. (Pair with a nice bottle of whisky + ice cube molds.)


5. PEAK DESIGN POUCH: Scott uses it for camera gear accessories or just small items when traveling- good for organizing charging cords, etc. 


6. SONY CAMERA: I get asked soooo often what camera we take my Instagram pics with and this one is it! Scott loves it and highly recommends it for both beginner and experienced photographers/videographers. 


7. MEMORY CARD CASE: Kinda "boring" but super practical and useful gift for someone who loves to take pics. 


8. ECHO SHOW: We have this in our kitchen and love playing music and movies when we're cooking!


9. SIGMA 35MM f1.4 LENS: Scott's favorite lens!


10. APPLE AIRPODS: He uses these constantly-perfect to wear while working out, walking Rosie, mowing the lawn, in bed watching a show on his laptop while I sleep, haha.


11. BLUE LIGHT GLASSES: Great for anyone who spends a lot of time on the computer- blue light is so harmful so we both wear these as much as we can. This pair is a good unisex style and really affordable. 


12. RED VANS: Scott LIVES in Vans and only Vans. This red shade is perfect for Disney fans because it feels very Mickey Mouse. (Add the socks I listed above to make the gift a little bigger.)


13. BURTS BEES CHAPSTICK: I can count on this being in Scott's pocket every single day. He's been using this brand for like 10 years and this variety style pack is the perfect stocking stuffer. 


14. VANS TRUCKER HAT: If you know Scott, you KNOW he doesn't go a day without a hat on and this is his all time favorite. 


15. SCALLOP HEM TSHIRT: He owns this exact tee in roughly 20 colors. Ideal for extra tall guys who want a slim fit. 


16. PEAK DESIGN CAMERA BAG: He's used this bag for over a year and loves how convenient the pockets are and how comfortable it is. Plus it's a pretty good value for the quality. I don't know exactly WHAT all he carries around but I know it's a crap ton of camera stuff, ha. 


17. CACTUS POOP BAG DISPENSER: Scott does most of Rosie's walks and we have this connected to her leash. It holds a big roll of bags inside and it's cute/funny for both guys and girls to carry around. 


18. ICE BREAKERS GUM: Can't go wrong with his favorite gum. Candy and treats are always a win in a stocking. 

I know Christmas is about so much more than presents but gift giving brings me so much happiness!! I absolutely love planning what I'm going to give my family and friends so gift guides are my guilty pleasure- hehe!

Happy shopping friends!




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