Christmas Themed Home Office

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I have waited alllll year to get to do this post! Well, I've waited all year to get to decorate for Christmas I should say! Following our holiday high from our Halloween tree (read that post HERE), I knew we had to up our game for the superior holiday... hehe. Christmas is my FAVORITE time of the year and I wanted to do something extra special in our home. What's more special than a RAINBOW CHRISTMAS TREE! Ahhh!

This tree is unique, whimsical, funky, silly, all things that feel entirely like ME... haha. I decided to put it in my home office to really let it shine. Our traditional green tree is downstairs but this one needed it's own moment upstairs. I kept the trimmings simple because the color palette stands out so much on its own. Scott and I coordinated all the ornaments to match each color while still mixing up textures from matte to shiny to glittery. We also decided not to add lights which isn't like me as I'm very much so a PUT TWINKLE LIGHTS ON EVERYTHING PERSON, but something about the way this tree naturally sparkles when the sun hits it was enough for me.

Did I mention I have a rainbow wreath to match? Treetopia (where I got these products) really just gets me. What's awesome about Treetopia is, you can find pretty much any tree color you're dreaming of and in a variety of sizes. Scott and I are actively discussing moving to a larger home just to make more room for more Christmas trees! (I ain't playin!) I can already picture a different color tree with a different theme for every. single. room!!! Back to our current home, in addition to the rainbow pieces, I knew I needed some festive decor over my large window that basically makes up an entire wall in my little loft office space. So I went with classic white garland that's lit with beautiful LED lights. That way it's super simple and doesn't take away from the rainbow colors but at night it lights up the area in such a soft pretty way.

Onto the overall theme...

While early Christmas shopping (we're talking before halloween- oops) I noticed a few Grinch themed decor pieces that sparked the idea to do an entire Who-ville theme! The idea involved filling my gallery wall with art pieces, adding some fun mugs, a few Grinch knick knacks and lots of pops of Christmas magic and I'm so happy with the finished result. This space really brings me a ton of joy! Downstairs we have a lot of traditional reds, greens and golds so it's nice having some unique and more whimsical colors featured upstairs. I love a well balanced holiday home! I'm also looking forward to the future when I can grow my collection as this was the first year I decorated in this specific theme so I definitely plan to add a lot more pieces as each year goes on.

Below I'm linking as many things as I could possibly find online. I hope you enjoyed this post and maybe even gave you some inspiration for your own home. Speaking of inspiration, at the bottom of this post you'll find a photo with the names of other creators participating in Treetopia's 2019 Design Council. Be sure to check out their pages and how they incorporated Treetopia products into their own unique holidays spaces.


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