Halloween Themed Tree

If you follow my posts on Instagram, you would have seen that we have a HALLOWEEN THEMED TREE in our home! This is the second year we've done this and I'm certain it will be a tradition every year moving forward. I wanted to create this post to answer a lot of the questions I've been getting online for the past two months regarding this very unique decor, haha. When Scott and I had the idea a few years ago, we didn't realize how strange and surprising it would be to people. But the feedback I've received from social media has been so wild! I guess it's more "out there" than I ever imagined. But I've also received so many messages and photos from you guys sharing that we inspired you to create your own Halloween tree... which is SO COOL AHHHHHH...Here's some of the FAQ I get in my inbox every day:


When do you put it up and does it stay up until Christmas?

We started decorating the beginning of August and it will stay up until October 31st. On November 1st we will take all the fall decor around the house down and put up CHRISTMAS! (Our Christmas tree is green not black ha!)

BUT we do move this black tree up into our bedroom and we put white lights on it and decorate it with traditional Christmas ornaments. We have a lot of black furniture in our room so it works out beautifully.


Where is the tree from?

We bought it online from Wayfair a few years ago.


Where are the ornaments/ ribbons/ skirt/ pumpkin topper from?

Most of the ornaments we've collected from Walt Disney World over the course of many years. All originally were just for the Christmas season so it's nice to have them shine for Halloween as well. We primarily use ones from Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party, Haunted Mansion, The Nightmare Before Christmas, anything to do with Disney Villains, pumpkins, anything with orange/black/purple accents.

Sparkly orange ribbon & the fabric pumpkin topper are from Hobby Lobby.

The skirt is actually an orange cable knit style blanket from Target.


What was your inspiration?

Scott and I are BIG CHRISTMAS PEOPLE so we always decorate as early as possible and we're so sad when the tree comes down after the holidays because it leaves such a sad, empty feeling with no twinkle lights around the house.... Well, a few years ago we realized we had a ton of "darker" themed ornaments (TNBC + Haunted mansion etc) so that sparked the idea. We searched for a long time to find a black tree large enough to fill our Christmas tree spot and once we did, IT WAS ON. Because we live in Orlando and frequent the WDW Parks, we are on their holiday schedule which means Halloween starts early August so that's when we start as well. Having a few extra months with that gorgeous holiday tree GLOW is so amazing and we truly love how special it makes our home feel.



How much did everything cost?

I don't mind answering this question at all but it's so funny to me that no one bats an eye at spending money on Christmas decor but THIS is such a crazy project to throw money at.

The tree was a great deal for around $150 then I'd say maybe another $150 for lights, ribbons and pumpkins. The ornaments from Disney usually range from $15-$20 each and we have around 25. Remember we've been collecting them over time so we definitely didn't buy them all at once. Total we probably have around 50 that includes simple colored ball ornaments. (Same as we use for Christmas just orange/black/purple instead of traditional red/green)

It definitely all adds up but it's a collection we are looking forward to growing each year. Also, if you want to do something like this there are tons of great sales at stores like Hobby Lobby, Joanns & Michaels. We rarely ever buy anything full price when it comes to holiday decor. (excluding special ornaments) Sure I love a good Anthropologie ornament but you can get soooo much more for your money at the craftier stores especially if you are starting from scratch with nothing.


What do people think when they come into your home and see it?

Everyone we have ever had in our home during the fall season has loved it. We have A TON of guests stay with us from family members to friends visiting from out of state and they all know we are holiday obsessed so it's no shocker. Haha. Even service workers that are coming to repair something or spray for bugs etc, have thought it's pretty cool. I usually warn new people on the front porch that we're REALLY into Halloween before they walk in and that usually always gets a laugh. We keep our home very clean so I don't feel like we are turning into crazy hoarding cluttered decor people... that would be my absolute worst nightmare. (No shade if you're a hoarder- I'm just very OCD and NEED organization and some level of minimalism around my home. )


I hope I answered any questions you have... I still laugh when I think about how popular this topic got online in just a few short months. I am sent articles I'm featured in daily and I never stop feeling like it's so odd that others think it's odd- lol. Anywhoo, another friendly reminder to just do the things that bring you joy. Even if strangers tell you online every day how weird it is! ;)


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