Rosie Turns TWO! (Video at bottom!)

Before you read this post, make sure you've seen last years post ROSIE TURNS ONE!

After Rosie turned one I immediately went into denial about any future birthdays because I DON'T WANT HER TO GROW UP!!! Thankfully she isn't getting any bigger so she technically looks like a puppy permanently and everyone who meets her thinks she's just a baby... hehe.

Side note- we thought she was going to be a lot bigger like around 15 pounds when we adopted her but she never grew passed around 6 pounds (though she's healthy!) and we aren't complaining! We wouldn't change a single thing about her size, her personality, her little quirks.. they're all what make her so special and perfect in every way!

She loves:

-SMILING!!!! This is the biggest change between last year and this year. Our first year with her, she NEVER smiled. She was the most serious little dog. She would smirk but it wasn't until this year that she randomly started smiling and it makes us so happy. We always make a big deal about it and draw tons of attention to her so I'm sure that encourages her to do it even more. Haha.

-Learning new tricks: She loves "high five" and "spin".

-Holidays! Maybe we project this one on her a little because we require mandatory holiday spirit around here BUT please enjoy these adorable holiday photos:

-Riding in her bike trailer. She loves being with mom and dad while we ride our bikes and she especially loves the wind in her fur. (Though she still gets a little nervous and panicky sometimes but she's definitely getting more comfortable each ride.)

-Her groomer! Though grooming is not her favorite thing to do, we've found a local groomer that we love a lot and Rosie has taken to her really well. Rosie is always happy to see her and that makes her "spa day" so much more relaxing for her.

We are so thankful we found someone who not only does a great job on Rosie's look but also cares about her a lot.

-New clothes! *Style icon* Need I say more?

-Sleeping in her Minnie Mouse bed. Disney Style actually sent us this bed last year to post a little ad for it on Instagram and though we got a few adorable pics, she never really had any interest in it for herself until... this year! She's obsessed with it and it's her cozy little space for some "her time". At least that's what I imagine. (This pic is from last year but had to include it for reference. :))

-Eating at restaurants with us. We didn't do this a whole lot her first year but we're doing it more and more and she's always the most well behaved, happy girl. Her fav places are Bar Taco, Red Robin and restaurants in Celebration.

A few things I included in last years post that she still loves:

Going "Bye Bye" any time to any place, chasing lizards on our walks, playing "hide-n-seek" around the house, visiting/being visited by her favorite people (her grandparents, doggy uncles and her auntie Emma) & THE BEACH!

She doesn't love:

-Getting brushed aka "brushies"... because she has really thick and curly poodle fur, it mats super easily and we have to brush her a lot more often than we used to which she does NOT enjoy at all. She's pretty chill when I'm brushing but Scott does the majority of deep brushing in which she gets reeeeal grumpy.

-Phones vibrating!!! If our phones are anywhere near her in bed, on the couch, in the car, etc and they vibrant she freaks out! She absolutely despise the sensation and God forbid it goes off directly touching her, then we've lost trust for the day and she's not getting back near us. Ugh.

-Any kind of alarm. Phone alarms, alarms on TV, etc. She does NOT take kindly to those noises. Ha.

Rosie Facts:

-Her main nicknames are: Ro, Ro Ro, Bug, Buggy, Peanut, Nug, G-Baby (nickname from my mom)

-She's STILL a momma's girl! And nothing makes me more happy. :')

-She got fixed this year. I think it was more of a terrifying, stressful experience for ME than it even was for her. Everything went smoothly except for one little hiccup right after surgery and I'm so freaking glad to have that done. Scott and I barely slept for days... already dreading the recovery process for if/when we get Rosie a little sister one day.

-She traveled a lot this year! Probably more than most human kids do. She's always been amazing on long car rides and we never stop being grateful for that. Next year I am certain it will be the year we FLY with her. Which already gives me anxiety thinking about it but I have a list of about 100 things to do to prepare so I know it's going to happen. (We also regularly discuss moving to Japan which means Rosie would be coming too- we'll see if that happens......)

-She got to meet her baby cousin (my brother's son) and it was her first time interacting with a baby. Overall it went well aside from a little jealousy from her. They definitely aren't going to be besties anytime soon but it was fun having them together. Both the grand kids. Lol.

-She's become even smarter. We tell her she's got a "poodle noodle" and I'm always impressed/shocked by some of the intelligent things she does or picks up on. I always say she's like a little brainy human in a dog suit.

Plans for this coming year:

-Hopefully visiting Charleston for her first time. She's never met Scott's mom and step dad who live there so we hope around the holidays they will get to meet and Ro will get to explore Charleston plus some local beaches in that area. We've been going to that area for soooo many years and I've always loved how dog friendly it is. Getting to have OUR dog with us will be so fun!

-Going to the dog park more + being more doggy social in general. (I will add that I am VERY paranoid at dog parks and only let her go in the small breed section and only if there's a few dogs that are around her size and seem calm. Even then, I'm a major helicopter mom. But whatever she is going to be safe even if I'm embarrassing! But we do really want her to make some more furry friends. *Praying to God for a CORGI BESTIE!!!*

-Going back to Fort Wilderness for a dog friendly stay. Rosie loved the golf cart so much! Read about that trip HERE. We plan to go back in the fall when the weather is more bearable and maybe even around Christmas time.

-Learning more tricks! Maybe we can teach her how to dance and she'll go viral. ;)

This video is "1 second a day" from her birthday last year to this year. We definitely end up skipping a lot of days because we forget to get videos or we're traveling and she's with family, etc but then some days we record multiple videos and it makes up for it. When I shared last years, I said it felt like a very vulnerable look into our real life. Even though the clips are so short, most people won't know what's going on, haha, but these are the real and personal moments from our family.

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