Wild Africa Trek @ Animal Kingdom

March 24, 2019

Disney describes the Wild Africa Trek as "an exhilarating safari adventure" and having recently experienced it for myself, I would completely agree. Being a huge animal lover, this was truly a one-of-a-kind opportunity and I'd highly recommend it to anyone looking to make your time in Disney's Animal kingdom extra special. 


The trek is a privately guided 3 hour tour around the Harambe Reserve where you get up close and personal with animals of nearly every variety. On our tour we had the opportunity to see: crocodiles, giraffes, rhinos, hippos, elephants and tons more.  


We got to cross rope bridges, walk directly above animal enclosures and ride in a private safari vehicle right on the savannah. If you've ever been on the Kilimanjaro Safari attraction, this is the same area you drive along only you are in a smaller vehicle with just your tour group. Instead of following the standard attraction route, you go off the path and onto areas you don't get to see on the regular safari ride. We also had the chance to get really close to animals that were out and active. 


Our entire tour we had two incredibly knowledgable guides who shared really fascinating information about the animals as well as the history and process of how the park operates. They were very passionate about their jobs and it was apparent how much they enjoyed being there with us! The guides truly made the experience that much more special because we actually got to LEARN in addition to just roaming around looking at the animals. Along with our two main guides, we visited with multiple animal experts that specialized in certain kinds of animals. 

Each guest is given a safety vest, head set so you can hear your guides through out the trek, a souvenir water bottle (which you get to keep- it's actually pretty nice) a name tag and straps to attach yourself to the enclosure areas. (They teach you how to do everything so you feel safe every step!)



An awesome service that is included with your tour is complimentary photo services. 

As you're enjoying your encounters with the animals, a trained photographer is capturing all the action and excitement through out your adventure. Because picture taking is such a big part of Scott and I's job when we partner with Disney, we are always mindful about taking time to get the content we need but this service made our experience much more relaxing!

At the end of your expedition, you'll receive a photo code that you can access and download images taken during your trek. 

(Expect a bunch because they are snapping away the whole time!)



Pricing for the trek varies from $189.00 - 249.00. Contact Disney to book yours today! Note- you will need to purchase a park ticket as well to gain access to this expedition. But with the Wild Africa Trek only being 3 hours, you'll still have the rest of the day to enjoy Animal Kingdom. 


*Please note my face pictured below when I realized that hippos are actually super cute!* 

Towards the end of the trek, you stop at a private deck that overlooks the reserve and enjoy some snacks and drinks!


What's currently included in the afternoon trek:

Chicken curry salad

Sun-dried tomato hummus & pita

Marinated shrimp

Smoked salmon roulade with dill

Air-dried beef & prosciutto

Fresh fruit marinated in mint & ginger 

POG juice which is passion fruit, orange and guava and it is HEAVENLY!!! 


(Someone in our group actually had a few food allergies and Disney accommodated with alternate options for them. Make sure you make your food allergies known when booking your trek.)

Some more general info for ya, because you can't be too prepared!


-You're definitely going to want to dress comfortable! Note the safety vest you will be required to wear the entire tour.

Recommended attire includes shorts or pants with a comfortable shirt and closed toe shoes. No flip flops.


-Complimentary lockers for your belongings will be provided. Cameras are allowed as long as they can be securely fastened to the vest. You can also wear sunglasses and bring your iPhone but they MUST be attached to you. No loose items allowed on your person at all. 


-I personally would NOT recommend if you're afraid or uncomfortable with heights. You will be crossing multiple rope bridges and standing on edges over animal enclosures. Though you're secure, it may be triggering for a heights fear. 


-Must be 8 years old to participate and any guests under 18 must be accompanied by an adult. 


Thank you Disney for the invitation to attend. The trek was paid for by Disney but all opinions are my own. :)

Thank YOU for reading!



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