Tokyo Disney Snacks

Hello! Today I'm covering my fav subject ever, SNACKS, in my favorite parks ever, Tokyo Disneyland & Tokyo Disney Sea.

Now I'm not a food expert or a TDR expert by any means, but I do love to eat!

TDR not only has some of the cutest foods I've ever seen in theme parks but also some of the most delicious. LOL at anyone that says park food ain't scrumptious. For reference about the timeline these items were available: I first visited in September 2017 and then again in November 2018. Some items are seasonal but most things I've noticed are available year round.

I also have a post with tons of fun photos from my trips! Find that post HERE!

Thanks for reading... try not to drool. ;)


Raspberry & peach ice pop... BEST pop I've ever had. I crave this on a regular basis.

Found this at ice cream kiosks all over both parks.

Tropical fruit ice pop.. so refreshing.

Found this at ice cream kiosks all over at both parks.

Pizza spring egg & shrimp spring roll.. the pizza flavor is prob my FAV snack in TDR!

Found these at a kiosk in Toon Town in Tokyo Disneyland.

Chicken & waffle sandwich with honey maple syrup... Heavenly..

Found this at Camp Woodchuck Kitchen in Tokyo Disneyland.

Mickey shaped burger & chicken nuggets... so cute!!

Found at Tomorrowland Terrace in Tokyo Disneyland.

BBQ pork roll... basically rice wrapped in bacon covered in BBQ sauce... sounds meh but it's delicious.

Found at a kiosk in the American Waterfront area in Disney Sea.

Tuna & corn puff pastry.. honestly soooo yummy. Had this for breakfast multiple days in a row.

Found at Sweetheart Cafe near the entrance in Tokyo Disneyland.

Alien Mochi... flavors are chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. Tastes like chocolate pudding, vanilla custard and strawberry yogurt. They're cold, the green outer layer is sticky and gummy and the insides are creamy. Sounds gross but they are GOOD!

I've heard the location of these change frequently but I found them in Tomorrowland in Tokyo Disneyland and also in Mama Biscotti’s Bakery near the entrance of Disney Sea.

Mike's Melon Bread. Tastes exactly like it sounds... melon-y!

Found at Sweetheart Cafe near the entrance of Tokyo Disneyland.

Strawberry popcorn... TDR is known for having tons of unique popcorn flavors. I also loved trying: milk chocolate, honey, blueberry, caramel and black pepper.

Other flavors I saw around the parks: Garlic shrimp, curry, herb tomato, soy sauce and cappuccino.

Popcorn carts are literally everywhere in both parks!

Mickey waffles with strawberry & custard and the other with cinnamon-y buttery apple-y goodness.

Found at Great American Waffle Co near the entrance of Tokyo Disneyland.

Lemon water, this was a great option when I wanted something with a little flavor but not as heavy as soda. The other water is plain, I just thought the packaging was adorable! Haha!

Drink carts are all over both parks.

Custard filled pasty and banana nut muffin. TDR's bakeries are filled with soft + fresh Mickey shaped snacks.

Found both of these at Mama Biscotti’s Bakery near the entrance of Disney Sea.

OK I did NOT care for these so why am I including them? Well, they are very popular among most people we know that have visited these parks so I'm sharing them simply due to their popularity. On the left is a potato churro and right is a tiramisu ice cream sandwich.

The ice cream sandwich was available at carts all over Disney Sea and the potato churro was found at a kiosk right by 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea attraction.

Chandu tail steamed bun.. inspired by the outrageously adorable Chandu tiger from Sinbad’s Storybook Voyage attraction.

Basically dough filled with pot pie (chicken, cream & veggies). Scott says it tasted like Thanksgiving to him.

Found this at Sultan’s Oasis in the Arabian Coast section of Tokyo Disney Sea.

Tipo Torta, flaky crust filled with creamy filling. The one pictured above tastes like a wild berry pop tart and it was fantastic! I also had the chocolate flavor. These are seasonal treats so every season has offered a different flavor. (At least that we've noticed the last few years.)

Found at a random kiosk in Disney Sea but I also saw it available at a kiosk in Fantasyland in Tokyo Disneyland.

Sea salt ice cream monaka. Vanilla ice cream filled with fruity salty jam and the shell is a soft sweet wafer. Yum yum yum.

Found this at ice cream kiosks all over Disney Sea.

Milk soft serve and Maple cream balls. The soft serve sounds basic but it's super creamy and has an extra sweet flavor to it. The cream balls are basically frozen cream puffs with a maple drizzle on top. They also have cold sweet filling in them. I really enjoyed this dessert! (I know this is silly, but the cup is sitting on the most beautiful chair I've ever seen in a theme park. Seriously stunning design... would love a set in my home!)

Found at Sultan’s Oasis in the Arabian Coast section of Tokyo Disney Sea.

Last snack to share isn't from within the parks but it's actually found at Gong Cha a super popular tea cafe in Ikspiari (which is TDR's version of Disney Springs or Downtown Disney). We got milk tea with boba and it was soooo good. Highly recommend stopping here.

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