Rosie Turns One! (Video at bottom!)

Can I just be an emotional mom for a second? HOW IS MY BABY ALREADY ONE? HOW!! Feels like it was just last month that we got the email notifying us that she needed a home and we decided in about 2 seconds that we were going to be adopting her that same day! But at the same time I can hardly remember a day I didn't wake up to her excited kisses and fall asleep with her tiny body snuggled against me. Gah they grow up so fast...

Since Scott and I don't plan to have human kids of our own, Rosie is our true baby. Our lives rotate around her as she is the center of our world. Although she's just a fur child, having her really has been such a huge adjustment and we both feel like parents now. Haha. Having a third family member around has required a shift in our time, schedules and commitments but gosh we wouldn't have it any other way. I can't imagine life without our sweet girl! Keep reading if you'd like to hear me gush about her some more... Hey it's her birthday so it's ok. ;)

The first collection of photos are from our very first family photo shoot together.. OH MY HEART..

Rosie Lorraine Jones gracing the world with her cuteness since August 23rd 2017.

This mini golden doodle (emphasis on the MINI weighing in full grown at 6 pounds) is full of sass, curious about everything, very stubborn, super clingy to mommy and anti social with all dogs except her two uncles.

Her first taste of human food was ham and she's loved it ever since! Ham and grilled Chickfila nuggets are her fave special treats but she won't turn down a few licks of a Starbucks puppacino either. We've kept her on a somewhat strict healthy organic diet from day one but we also believe life is about balance so she gets splurge rewards when she's an extra good girl.

We adopted her at 3 months old so quite a lot has changed since then!

She's moved from an apartment to a new house, visited multiple states on 5 long road trips, posed for many photo shoots, helped run an apparel company (we call her the CEO lol), went from sleeping in her crate at night to hogging our king size bed and switched from a daddy's girl to a very obsessed momma's girl. She was about 3 pounds at 3 months old and although she hasn't gotten too much heavier now she has got sooooooo tall! Her legs are crazy long and we joke that she's definitely our daughter because we both have long legs and are taller than most. Ha!

She loves:

-Going "bye bye" meaning car rides as a family! We take her on most of our errands and even on busy work days she gets to come along for a quick coffee run.

-Watching animated movies! Well, any movies really... She's been fascinated by TV since the first week we brought her home and she watched Elf for a solid 45 minutes. But Good Lord you better hope a barking dog doesn't appear because she loses her mind and runs towards the TV growling. Hahaha.

-Playing "Hide n Seek" around the house. She's a super smart girl (we say she has a poodle noddle) so she definitely understands games well. Either Scott or I will take her downstairs and then one of us will hide upstairs and she runs around searching for us. There is a lot of excitement when she finds us and she's so proud of herself.

-Visiting/ being visited by her G-ma, G-Pa, Uncle Parcheesi & Uncle Sigmund. That's my parents and their two dogs, also referred to as Rosie's favorite people. We only had her a few weeks when we took our first family trip all together so she's known them from the start. Although they live 8 hours away, we're thankful it's a drivable distance because they are her official baby-sitters when Scott and I travel.

-"Swimming" in her water bowl. On hot days when we're playing outside, we'll put a water bowl out for her. One day when she was super playful, she started paddling her little paws into her water bowl. It was soooo cute but made a big wet mess everywhere. She still tries to do it all the time and she even enjoys getting in the tub and splashing around.

-Bugs especially lizards & frogs. She loves to chase them on our walks around the neighborhood.

-Giving "paw" is her favorite trick. She can also sit, lay down and kiss on command. I keep saying we're going to work on more tricks but then I get lazy. I'll keep you posted...

She doesn't love...

-Strangers approaching her... yeah despite our best efforts of socializing her as a puppy, she really doesn't like new people. This is a sad reality for most of our friends/ family members/ house guests because it takes AWHILE for her to warm up to you. (Sorry world)

-Every moment she is separated from mommy... I swear we are working on her clinginess but I'm glad it's directed at me. Ha! She always wants to be with me, even if I'm showering. What can I say other than we're BFFS! I was nervous the first month we had her because she bonded with Scott so well but she quickly turned on him and now it's girls rule/ boys drool in our home.

I'm happy to report I can't think of anything else for this category. I even asked Scott for help and he had nothing. So there ya have it, we got ourselves a happy-go-lucky dog.

Rosie Facts:

-We call her Ro-Ro, Peanut, Baby, Love bug, Bug, & Buggy.

-She has tons of colorful harnesses that we call her "dresses" and she loves wearing them. The brand I've always bought is Puppia and they're the best quality plus super affordable. You can even find them on Amazon Prime.

-Her face is usually SO serious..especially if she knows we're taking her photo. Rarely will you see a smile from her unless she's really hyper or hot from playing. Her go-to happy face is a smirk which is painfully adorable.

-Magic Kingdom Fireworks go off by our house every single night and it doesn't phase her at all. Some dogs are terrified of loud noises but she's so used to seeing them that it's made her pretty brave. Which is great because we get a lot of scary thunderstorms in FL and she doesn't react at all. (Praise hands)

She's had many haircuts from fluffy mop to a summer shave. She pulls them all off beautifully as all style icons do. ;)

Recently we took a day trip to New Smyrna and visited Smyrna Dunes Dog Beach. Rosie LOVED it soooo much! It was drizzling when we got there but quickly cleared up and made for the perfect family memory. She ran around like a crazy person for hours, digging in the sand, chasing crabs, watching birds, being friendly-ish with other dogs, and running for her life away from the waves. She loves being active outside so this was no surprise but I can't wait to explore other beaches with her. She travels with us so well that next year I want to take her on her first flight to California.

This video is so so so special to me! It's 1 second from every day since we got Rosie. (Some days we actually didn't record a video but some days we recorded multiple so it evens out.) I hope you enjoy watching it. Honestly it's a pretty vulnerable look into our life so I debated whether or not to share but it's too cute/sweet/funny not to. Haha!

Although we probably have more photos/videos of Rosie than most people have of their human babies... I'm so glad we made documenting our memories a priority. It's so special looking back on all the things we've done together as a family. Happy happy birthday sweet Rosie! Thanks for being my best gal pal and embracing me as the most extra dog mom ever. LOVE YOU FUREVER & EVER.


Some photos were taken by Scott and some were taken by Emma from Emma Anne Photography.

Video was made with the 1 Second Every Day App.

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