Toy Story Land @ WDW

This morning Scott and I attended a media event for Toy Story Land at Hollywood Studios. The new land has been open since June 29th so we've already been a few times plus we even snuck in a preview before it opened ...all this to say, we’re big fans of this fun area!

I personally believe this addition has been promoted more than anything else new at WDW in many years. There was a lot of anticipation and excitement attached to the opening and I do think it lives up to the hype!

Below I’m going to share some of my favorite things about this super cute land.


As you enter TSL, you leave reality and enter "Andy's Backyard" and guess what, you are TOY SIZED!

Seeing all the 90’s toys makes me feel so nostalgic to my own childhood. Every corner + every detail is spot on! I can’t express enough my love + appreciation for Disney’s imagineering department. TSL is one of those places that you can visit many times and still discover something new each time! As far as picture spots go, don't miss a chance to pose in front of the giant Luxo Ball!

2. Slinky Dog Dash!

I think a family friendly coaster is always a great addition to any Disney park. It’s tame enough for kiddos but fast enough for adults to actually enjoy. Plus the views are so nice at the higher points of the ride. I've been lucky enough to ride it many times now but night is my absolute favorite! I'll also add my favorite photo spots are anywhere you can capture Slinky speeding by in the background. He is soooo stinkin' cute!

3. New quick service food!

Woody’s Lunch Box has a ton of yummy options AND allergy friendly choices! The menu's theme is comfort food with a playful twist.

Plus the area you eat in is so immersive and although it's really small, there's a lot of details to notice.

Here's a look at a few of the breakfast items: Smores sandwich, raspberry + Nutella pop tarts & TSL's signature drink which is basically Powerade in an Alien souvenir cup!

4. Meet ups with the classic toys!

Woody, Jesse, Buzz & the green army men are out for photo ops! The lines during the day are usually pretty crazy which is to be expected for any character meets BUT at night they are way shorter. BUT LIKE CAN WE PLEASE GET BULLSEYE ADDED TO THE LINE UP?! He's my absolute favorite and he gets no love!

5. A refresh to an older favorite!

Toy Story Midway Mania has been a beloved attraction since it opened May 2008 but it now has a larger and even more ADORABLE entrance! Honestly this has been one of my "must do's" for years now and it feels just as fun every single time I do it.

Have you spotted the new Instagram craze in the Disney community? It's the "popsicle wall" located at the exit of this attraction.

Overall, this land is so colorful, whimsical and makes me really HAPPY! Another win for Disney on this beautifully themed addition.

Catch me playing in Andy’s backyard many many more times.

Thank you so much to DISNEY for inviting me to this event &

thank YOU for reading! I hope you get to enjoy this sweet land for yourself.


Photos of me are by my friend Emma Shourds from Emma Shourds Photography

and park photos are by Scott from He's My Husband So He Let Me Use His Pics Photography. ; )