Modern Day Snow White

May 18, 2018



I'm really excited to be a part of the newest OtterBox "Princess Power" campaign.

I've owned quite a few OtterBox phone cases because they're super durable + high quality which is exactly what my clumsy self needs. This particular collection is soooo my style! Featuring five inspiring princesses from the classic Disney stories we all know and love. My fave is Snow White which is why I tried to channel a modern day version of her in these photos. When thinking of a concept, I instantly thought APPLES... I know, ground breaking. Haha. But then I took the original thought of inspiration and ran with it, or should I say baked with it. One yummy apple pie later and I'm loving how the look all came together. Thanks OtterBox for working with me on this and thanks Emma Shourds for capturing these photos in my kitchen with me. 

(Yes I took a giant bite right out of the middle when we were done... pictured at the bottom.. )


Shop the entire collection online HERE or in Target stores on June 4th!




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