One year married! (+Bridal art)

The sweetest reminder from when I got to be a bride.

I'm so excited to share these absolutely beautiful pieces of art created by a very talented artist (Debi) from Illustrative Moments. I've actually had these for quite a few months but I have been waiting for the perfect time to share them. They're so special to me and I just love them so much! Whether you love custom art for your home or you're looking for a wedding/anniversary/ holiday gift for someone important to you so they can have a treasure to remember their special day, I would highly recommend Illustrative Moments. The details Debi captures in her work truly bring your most stylish moments to life!

Along with my bridal art, I wanted to share some thoughts on arriving at the ONE YEAR mark!

It's hard to believe I've been married for a whole year! It feels like our wedding wasn't very long ago but at the same time it feels like forever ago (funny how that works.) You know what everyone says "Time flies when you're having fun" well it goes by even faster when you're having fun + really really busy for a year straight!

Honestly being full time business owners this year has challenged us and stretched us farther than I could have ever imagined but it's also been very rewarding to grow a successful brand that we're so proud of! Another humungous change this year was moving from NC to FL. I'm so glad we did because we really love living here! Did I mention we are moving into our NEW HOUSE in just a few months?! Eeeee! We drive by it every few days to watch it's progress as it's being built and gosh golly we. are. so. excited!!! Thank goodness we are currently entering into our favorite time of the year (HOLIDAY SEASON YESSSS) so we will have lots to distract our impatient selves while our dream house gets finished.

I wish I was able to gush about what would've been our greatest new joy this year.. a puppy.. but sadly the timing hasn't been right and it hasn't happened yet. Next year will for sure be our puppy adoption year (and I promise you I'm gonna convince Scott to get not just one but two! Mwuuaahhh)

Since being married, the travel bug has bit me HARD! Scott and I have always shared our desire to make travel a big part of our lifestyle and now that we're 1. Married 2. Settling into a home base we love here in FL and 3. Getting a little more experienced at balancing our business + our life, it feels like the perfect time to explore the world! We'll see what adventures we go on in year two! :)

Lastly, I can't finish up without saying that I feel very thankful to be married. Also very thankful to have found the person i'm gonna do life with at a young age. In a lot of ways, the things I experience with Scott, I'm experiencing for the first time as it feels like I've grown up with him. Being married is hard but it's also worth it. All the difficult times life brings are made so much easier with someone by my side! Encouragement, love, trust, grace, patience and growth are all real messy topics that we work at every single day but the days we get any of those right are the very best days that make up the very best life. <3

Thanks so much for reading this post and be sure to check out Illustrative Moments!