A little out of my comfort zone..

Sometimes I love dressing out of my comfort zone.

I know it probably doesn't seem that crazy but I think we all fall into patterns with what we wear so trying something new can be intimidating. I've bought a few rompers this summer that I've grown to love but honestly I still question every time I wear them "Does this look good?" "Am I pulling this off..." etc. I think questioning your appearance is super normal and I try not to be hard on myself when I have those thoughts.

This beautiful floral romper is definitely a statement piece because 1. ALL OVER patterns are a lot on the eyes and 2. this particular style has a lot of volume (which can make even a twig look thicker.) But ya know what... I bought it and I actually love how I feel in it! It's more comfortable than pajama's and it's super light and breezy for hot weather. I paired it with a chunky little heel to elongate my shape and a hat out of basic necessity (my poor flat hair is continually victimized by humidity.)

Moral of the story?


I'll say it a million times because this simple statement has transformed the way I perceive fashion and my personal perspective of what style really means.

On a deeper level, i'm trying hard to stop comparing myself to others so much and stop taking clothes and outfits and social media so seriously.

I've found so much peace giving the time I would normally spend comparing myself to others instead to God. I NEVER regret giving my time to God. It is literally ALWAYS what's good for me. I hope you can find the same peace/acceptance/confidence with God and in all things you do.

Lastly, I hope you've had a happy week and spent some time working towards your goals and of course, wearing the things that make you feel pretty and special and wonderful and stylish and I could go on and on but you get the point.

Shop this romper HERE.


All photos by Emma Shourds Photography