Wearing happy

August 12, 2017


Oh hi!

Can we just all agree that accessories make a look?

Clearly i'm making a point in these pictures that even in the brightest statement dress, accessories have a place. A special way of tying together any outfit... 

All the love for Gigi Pip & Made By Mary Jewelry

(My go to hats and my every day bling)


But let's talk about this super cute peach bag! It's just screaming SUUUMMMMER! Plus the brand behind it (HARVEYS) is just really really cool. All of their bags are made with seatbelts! I admire the creativity of their designs so much and they're killing it with all the fun styles! Shop their DISNEY line HERE.



Lastly, a note I felt on my heart to share that I believe someone somewhere needs to hear.



You know how in dance class the teacher will always tell you before a performance, if you mess up don't stop just keep going, no one knows the right moves but you.

I think fashion is a little like that. If you're happy and you're shining from within, what you're wearing on the outside is going to matter less and less. If your hair isn't perfect that day or you don't look your thinnest in that dress, it won't be what people will remember. No one cares about your appearance as much as you do. Kindness, thoughtfulness, encouragement, confidence and genuinely showing WHO YOU ARE will leave such an impression on people. 

Trends fade, all clothes wear out one day, wear the things that make you happy NOW TODAY, and above all, be your very best self.

Be confidently you and wear your happy. 



All photos by Emma Shourds Photography



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