Oh Yeah Presets (Desktop)

Oh Yeah Presets (Desktop)


Desktop Pack: Designed to work best with raw images edited in Lightroom Classic for desktop. 

(You must have a subscription to Adobe Lightroom and a computer to download + edit with these presets.)

*For very best results, use presets on photos taken in natural light.*


All preset sales are final and cannot be returned or refunded. We kindly ask that you please do not share the downloaded file. Any unauthorized distribution of Oh Yeah Presets is prohibited and will be met with legal action. 


Email Hello@OhYeahPresets.com for customer service inquiries. 


Make sure you use the hashtag #OHYEAHPRESETS when posting online so we can see your awesome photos! 


Lastly, thank you so much for supporting us. When you purchase our #OHYEAHPRESETS you are helping us give our dog a good life. ;)

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What will the presets do to my photos? 


EM will bring your photos to life in a bright & natural way. Use this preset to achieve a polished look on your photos. See more Em...


ORLANDO is similar to EM but takes your editing to a more dramatic level- giving your photos a pop of vivid boldness. Use this preset to achieve vibrant photos for a happy + fun feed. See more Orlando...


ROSIE is the dreamy glow up our aesthetic hearts love. It will take a dull photo and transform it into something magical with sassy pink tones. Use this preset for a whimsical style and a cohesive feed. See more Rosie...


JONESIN’ is a moody vibe that separates itself from the other brighter styles in the preset pack. It will turn a drab shot into a timeless classic filled with interest. Use this preset for a darker aesthetic and to create a warm and cozy feed. See more Jonesin...

We’ve got the secret sauce! But you may need to add your own toppings...

The Oh Yeah Team created these presets to bring your photos to life in just one click BUT every photo is lit differently which means the presets will appear differently on every single photo. If you add an Oh Yeah Preset to your photo and aren’t into the initial look- don’t give up.


Don’t expect YOUR photos to look exactly like OURS. They will look different and that’s what makes them super special! Almost always a “one click” edit doesn’t fit our own vision right away- the real magic can often be in the minor tweaks you’ll make.


Don’t know where to begin with “tweaking” in Lightroom? We got you covered! Click below to view a tutorial on our go-to tweaks to bring out the very best in these presets.