Oh yeah! Our presets are here and we are so excited to share them with you all! 


The OH YEAH PRESET PACKS feature four presets for mobile, four presets for desktop and a combined super pack that offers mobile + desktop. Presets EM, ORLANDO, ROSIE & JONESIN’ will bring your photos to life in four fresh and unique ways. Our goal was to create versatile, easy-to-use presets that will truly enhance your magical moments. 


Picture taking has been a huge part of our life for many years. From snapping selfies together in theme parks to creating sponsored content for brands- these are the editing tools we use...And now you can use them too! Yay! 

About Oh Yeah Presets

Mobile Pack: Designed to work best with mobile images + JPEGs in Lightroom Mobile. (Which is a FREE app to download + no subscription is required!) 


Desktop Pack: Designed to work best with raw images edited in Lightroom Classic for desktop. 

(You must have a subscription to Adobe Lightroom and a computer to download + edit with these presets.) 


Combo Super Pack: This pack includes all eight presets. Four for mobile + four for desktop. For those who ain’t playing around- you want all the options- all the possibilities!

What will the presets do to my photos?


EM will bring your photos to life in a bright & natural way. Use this preset to achieve a polished look on your photos. 


ROSIE is the dreamy glow up our aesthetic hearts love. It will take a dull photo and transform it into something magical with sassy pink tones. Use this preset for a whimsical style and a cohesive feed. 


ORLANDO is similar to EM but takes your editing to a more dramatic level- giving your photos a pop of vivid boldness. Use this preset to achieve vibrant photos for a happy + fun feed. 


JONESIN’ is a moody vibe that separates itself from the other brighter styles in the preset pack. It will turn a drab shot into a timeless classic filled with interest. Use this preset for a darker aesthetic and to create a warm and cozy feed.