Halloween Waffle board

Brunch is served!

It's Scott's birthday week so I wanted to do something special and yummy for brunch! Waffle board it is... but make it spooky. I used this mini pumpkin waffle maker and this mini skull waffle maker for the fun shapes and also for the teeny size. Mini waffles cook super fast and are easy to load toppings on for hand-held bites. I added food dye to get the colors I wanted. Can't have waffles without syrup so I put some sauces in lab beakers for extra flair. (I used this set) This spread was delicious but I also have some other ideas listed below for you!

What I used:

Waffle mix + food dye

Maple syrup

Strawberry syrup


Peanut butter


Whipped cream





Chocolate chips

White chocolate chips

Spiced pecans

Candy corn

Crispy bacon

Other topping ideas:

Blueberries (the best fruit on waffles IMO but I didn't have any boooo)

Festive sprinkles

Jams/ fruit spreads

Chocolate sauce or hot fudge

Apple sauce

Mini breakfast sausages (you could even pre slice a few to be used as savory toppings)

Another savory idea would be smoked salmon, sliced boiled egg and cream cheese spreads.

Goat cheese would be the perfect way to elevate this board too especially because it goes so well with honey and fruit.

Happy brunchin'!


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