What's in my CARRY ON travel bag?

Today i'm sharing my top ten essentials in my CARRY ON bag! I love reading lists from other people because I usually learn new packing tips or i'm reminded about something i've forgotten! If you have any must haves on your list, let me know.

1. Lightweight Backpack:

Most important essential for my carry on is the bag of course! Along with my rolling carry on from @Away, I love having a lightweight backpack with me that's comfortable but holds a lot. I love this one from the Jansport x Disney collection because it's really cute and the B&W pattern will match pretty much all my outfits. It also has a lot of pockets which helps for organizing anything and being able to access what I need quickly.

Shop the Disney x Jansport Backpack Collection HERE.

2. Wallet:

I usually carry a larger wallet in my regular bag but for trips I use a more compact style because I don't need all the every day stuff like store cards etc. I just carry the basics. I also want to share something I didn't know was even a thing until recently.. most banks allow you to order currencies from other countries before an international trip. So we have been able to stock up on yen before leaving, that way we will have cash ready when we arrive.

3. Miscellaneous Pouch:

I always carry a pouch for all my tiny miscellaneous ties, bandaids, chapstick, hand sanitizer, gum ect...

that way I don't have those things just floating around the bottom of my bag and I can grab what I need easily.

4. Tech:

I love having my iPad for watching movies and playing games on flights (Scott is more of a laptop person but I like my iPad because it's so light and doesn't bulk up my bag). Another favorite tech item is NOISE CANCELING HEADPHONES! Mine are the Beats By Dre style and they're really comfortable plus they work great for just silencing the noises around you to sleep, listen to music, audio books, whatever. These will also be a life saver if you have any crying babies on your flight.

Shop my headphones HERE.

Another must is my external battery. This is great for traveling but mainly important for long days at Disney so my phone never dies. *Praise hands.* There's a million different styles out there and I chose mine simply because it was rose gold (and too pretty) but it does actually work really well so i'd recommend it. Shop it HERE.

Lastly, my phone of course! I like to make playlists before my trip. I always have a good worship playlist for when I need to feel calm and relaxed. I also like to have a playlist ready for all my current favorite fun songs to sing along to.

My phone case is the folio style from the Kate Spade x Miss Piggy Collection. It appears to be sold out on their site but I did find a link for one on eBay. Shop it HERE.

5. Reading Material/ Activities:

As much as I love book apps and audio books, I'm still a sucker for a classic book. I'm bringing Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert with me and i'm really excited about it. I love reading light and inspiring stories when traveling. Nothing that will have me TOO interested but something I can put down and pick up as I please. A few other ideas to bring along are the adult coloring books that are super popular right now and the 52 Lists for Happiness book.

Shop Big Magic HERE.

Shop my list book HERE.

6. Instax:

Although Scott and I take about a million pictures on our trips, my very favorite are usually captured with my Instax! Sometimes they turn out with terrible lighting or a weird pose but it ends up being really funny and I love having the pic in my hand immediately after taking it. Still trying to figure out the perfect way to display all of my polaroids! I also like to get colored film packs instead of just the normal white kind.

Shop my instax HERE.

7. Health/Beauty:

A few beauty items I love for my carry on are: Face wipes, travel diffuser with essential oils, hand lotion, mini deodorant, mini toothbrush/ toothpaste and moisturizing eye drops. With these items, I can feel a little fresher getting off a long flight.

A few health related items would be vitamins, Advil, Emergen-C packs for immune health and an item i've never traveled with before until my upcoming trip to Japan, medical face masks. I've read online that it's very common to wear face masks on public transportation and in the most populated parts of the city so I bought a cheap box on Amazon to have just in case I feel like I need to wear one as well. I always choose to be prepared!

8. Accessories:

Sunglasses, Watch, special jewelry (my rings/ nice necklaces), pins, ears, all the items you don't want getting crushed in your luggage.

Shop my watch HERE.

Shop my pins HERE.

9. Hand Fan:

This is my current obsession. Like I don't go ANYWHERE without this thing! I get overheated really easily so this is perfect for hot days in the parks here in FL but it's also perfect for scenarios like being on a crowded and hot plane. I have a problem with severe motion sickness but i'm usually fine if I can have cold air blowing on my face so i'm bringing this to cool myself off if I start getting a little queasy on the flight. (Also great for public transportation: buses, uber, subway. etc!)

Shop my fan HERE.

10. Passport:

Duh! Can't go anywhere without that! I love having a case for mine so I can tuck in any customs papers with it. Keeps things organized! Shop my passport case HERE.

Honorable mentions: High protein snacks to keep ya full, lots of water & a comfy outfit!

Happy traveling, friends!


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